do we make much of the Holy Spirit?

We just experienced, if you can say that, Pentecost Sunday. Actually it was an experience for me, although not enough out of the ordinary, but somewhat. Our Pastor Jack gave a good message on the Holy Spirit and Pentecost (Acts 2). And afterward people were waiting on the Lord in prayer in a prolonged time after the service. I would have remained, but it was my week to do coffee ministry. Later I went to the nursing home and spoke on the same subject from the same passages of scripture.

And I just had a sense of the refreshing of the Spirit. It was good. And that leaves me wondering. Do we make much of the Holy Spirit, indeed, do we do that enough? My answer for myself is no, I don’t. I think good liturgy steeped in the Trinity can help. One of the prayers I recite is the simple prayer, “Come Holy Spirit.” We need the new creation life breath of the Spirit which may be a renewal of vocation in call in God’s image, and is certainly related to the church’s call to proclaim and teach the gospel and confirm the faithful. And we need to be clothed with power from on high to be Jesus’ witnesses from where we live in our homes, workplaces and neighborhoods, to the very end of the earth.

I would hope that looking to God for more of the Spirit would become a regular habit of mine. And that this would be exponential in helping me grow in the fruit and gifts of the Spirit, along with others in Jesus. As we seek to live in and out from the gospel of Jesus. In and for the world.