In Scot McKnight’s excellent commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, he recounts how A. W. Tozer used to be obsessed with God, being in prayer for hours, prostrate before God. I wonder what we’re obsessed with.

Yes, our passion ought to be God, but often enough it’s a host of other things. Not to say we can’t enjoy all kinds of things. But we have to be aware lest any of those things become obsessions. I like to keep Jesus Christ in front of me, the gospel of God’s grace and kingdom come in him. I like to be in the word and good liturgy. And to grow in prayer. One might say that’s my obsession wannabe. Behind that nowadays is the desire to read good books and listen to good music. And all of this, except for some spots alone and in relative silence, with my wife. I think I have an obsession of wanting to be with my wife. Though like any other two people in the world at times we can drive each other crazy. And we need our space here and there. But I have an obsession of wanting to be with her for sure.

Nowadays Facebook (or Twitter?) is an obsession for many. So much so in fact that people spend a good portion of nearly every waking hour on it and sometimes quit because it nearly becomes their life. Things good in their place can easily get out of place and Facebook is potentially big that way since one can interact with so many people.

It might be good for us to consider minor obsessions along with pet peeves we have. I can name a couple quickly off the top of my head. I’m confident there are more. To live in God through Jesus by the Spirit is the one thing I want, that overcoming the downfalls that come from other obsessions I can fall into. To do so with others as church and in mission to the world, that’s what I hope I’m more and more moving toward and acclimated in. The true and eternal life in God.