continuing on through thick and thin (no matter what)

Life is not very friendly at times, although it’s so good to find real, true friends along the way. I am blessed to have a wonderful wife and we are in this thing together to the end no matter what. I also so much appreciate true friends wherever they are found. Such are rare. Plenty out there are friendly without really being friends, as Rich Mullins pointed out in one of his songs.

I remember one of my professors in the past saying that God especially values faith which helps us continue on even when all is dark and all might seem lost. We have to remember that often the brightest light comes out of the deepest darkness.

I have to admit that often I am going on in spite of many things, often one thing at a time, though other matters are often weights as well. There often comes a point when I’m going on because of certain things, namely God’s presence and blessings in his love in and through Jesus. Usually it’s a combination of both. We press on, even plod on in spite of this and that or something else (maybe one thing weighing heavily on us at the time) because of God’s grace. Some people’s personality is inclined more toward the light. I have to admit I think I’m inclined more toward the darkness. So for me to continue day after day ordinarily takes some real effort on my part. Yes it is of faith from the rest that is ours in Jesus. But that certainly does not mean no effort is involved on our part at times, and in some measure most all the time.

No matter what, we can always have a word of testimony to share what God has done, is doing, and promises to do for us and for the world in Jesus. Or at least in muted silence lift up prayers in faith even in despair to God.

My wish in this regard is to carry on well to the very end. Growing in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ along with others. Lights of God’s love to the world.