when life seems unsettled

A few things are up in the air right now, the relatively minor one still rather major- the need to go car hunting again. I’ve been there and done that enough times now that we have a pretty good handle on how we do it. So that is not such a big deal, even though we want to be good stewards in all of life and get God’s wisdom and help even in this relatively small thing. Other matters, especially one, are pressing, and probably causing some undue stress if I’m not careful. Not that we can’t live by grace somehow beyond all of that. Actually I think we can, and I’m getting a bit better at it, at least to the point that I can see the difference in myself now from times past which itself is an encouragement. But to realize and keep before us our weakness and need for God’s strength and grace is always important.

And so I am thankful for God’s blessing and help to continue on in joy in spite of somewhat challenging circumstances and questions with reference to the present and future. We can be assured that God’s good will in Jesus will be done. And we want to be a part of that in terms of blessing for others, even as we are blessed in and through Jesus. Not necessarily in material things, but spiritually. All of our needs being met so that we can be a blessing and help to others in God’s abundant, overflowing life in Jesus.