what we want (not)

When we look at our lives for whatever reason, many probably good, we might like to see something different. I’m thinking in terms of wealth, work (although I’m thankful for the good work I have), circumstances (not spouse or family). Jesus warned about how hard it is for the rich to enter into the kingdom. It’s not easy being poor either, though it may help them in terms of coming to have faith in God.

What is futile for us is to want something we don’t have to the point that we think life is essentially over, that good which may have come out of it has passed us by. We need to keep reading scripture again and again.

Did the Apostle Paul, par excellence follower of Christ have an easy road? He shared just how difficult it was and we have a good look at that in Acts. And in his next breath he helps us understand that our strength is actually in our weakness, as difficult as that may be for us to accept. It was certainly difficult for him, but he was thankful in the end.

We must go on, simply trusting in God in and through Jesus. That God is at work in our weakness, in our circumstances, in all of life for our good and his glory. We must keep on keeping on. Eyes fixed on Jesus to the very end.