how well do we love?

The Lord encourages what faith we have. We can have something of the sense of having arrived even though at the same time we should know better. We need not worry though because just around the corner we will be confronted with the realization of our lack.

That happened to me. I realized recently how I can get so caught up in my work that people and their non work related problems I can fail to take into consideration . I was convicted at how I can lack in love.

A major part of our growth in grace is the humility that comes with an increased sensitivity to sin, more openness to the convicting work of God’s Spirit. And so paradoxically for us in Jesus there is progress in the realization of our lack of progress. As well as understanding something of how far we have come.

How well do we love?  A good question for us to ask ourselves and God. As we continue on in the way of Jesus.



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