There is no doubt that the life to which we are called in Christ is a life of rest. God’s promise in Christ is a rest from our own works so that we might enter,  through Christ’s finished work in his death on the cross into the very works of God, or more humbly put, into God’s work.

So this rest does not mean no activity but a new activity. And we’re referring now to this present life, not to the life to come when we will rest from all our labor here, even as our works follow us there. The great Apostle Paul said that he worked harder than the other apostles, but that it was not him, but God’s grace at work in him.

As followers of Christ we are indeed in the yoke with him in what might be called restful service or work. It is a work which fully engages us, to which in love for God and for others we are fully given. Even with all of our limitations, weakness and shortcomings in this life. God in his grace through Jesus is at work in us both to will and do what pleases him.

And so we are indeed compelled to a life of service in the good works God has for us in Christ.