picking up the broken pieces

It does no good to dwell on the past and to say over and over again, “If only…” The past is the past, water under the bridge or over the dam. We can only gather up the broken pieces by prayer and waiting on God. It takes time. If it’s over the loss of a loved one, we need to go through a grieving process which will never look the same in given situations, even if having some of the same general characteristics. If it’s due to a moral failure, some sort of great sin, then we need to confess that sin in repentance before God and when necessary to others we’ve hurt as well. Under the guidance and care of our local church, submitting to their leadership and the discipline there. God does not despise a broken and contrite heart.

Although we have our part and we need to be engaged in it, strictly speaking only God can pick up the broken pieces, put them back together again and make us new or renew us in and through Jesus. We can’t do it ourselves. And yet we must be engaged in faith and patience to receive what God has promised us in and through Jesus: forgiveness, cleansing and restoration even in this life, though the scars will remain and things will be different afterward.

We can rest assured no matter what has taken place, the evil in the form of a good number of things, or the sin into which we had fallen, that God is at work in every detail for good. Yes, even in the evil and even in our sin. We can’t figure out how, and it’s especially hard when we’re in the midst of it. We can be lost, even tormented and can end up hurting ourselves and others when we try to fix things ourselves. We are involved in the process, but it is God alone who does the ongoing transformative work in and through Jesus.

We must submit to God and let him take care of it. Instead of whining and imagining something different, we need to walk through it with our Lord. Trusting in him that there will be a good outcome for our good and blessing along with the good and blessing of others, for his glory.