willing to take second, even last place

The race to the top and number one is a bit of an obsession with people in our culture. It goes all the way from one’s favorite sports teams to their own personal vocational life. It is all about getting to the top.

Jesus lived and taught a different way. He was willing to take not only the place of a servant, but even the last and most dreaded place anyone would ever want to be: the death of the cross. According to the gospels Jesus was routinely misunderstood by everyone. And in the end seemed to have experienced resounding, convincing, final defeat.

One is supposed to sell themselves in job interviews, etc. We need much wisdom from God in all of this. We certainly want to do well with the gifts we have and the calling we’ve entered into. But part of doing well for us in Jesus should be to take the place of humility, even the way of the cross. We do so in anticipation of resurrection in and through Jesus. Not only in the life to come, but beginning in this life. Knowing its power in ways that are beyond us in God’s working. That we might live nothing short of a life that is being conformed more and more to Jesus himself.