faith’s focus: attention fully on God

There are those days when pretty much everyone seems to have abandoned you, when life seems to be falling off the hinges. Oftentimes the problem for me is my focus. It’s not like I’m to ignore the problems (real and imagined) and pretend they don’t exist. It’s that I need to turn my attention to something and someone else.

That’s when I need to choose to be in the word (scripture) and in prayer to God. And turn my attention and thoughts away from the troubles. In doing so I can bring the troubles to God. By and by I should find that I’m no longer fixated on the problem, even though the temptation may remain strong to fall back into that.

Faith’s attention is fully on God himself and in God’s will and promises to us in Jesus. Not that we might have a weaker yet genuine faith in struggling to get our attention fixed on God. But the kind of faith we need is the faith in which one’s focus and attention is completely on God.

What we need to do is put matters into God’s hands and submit to his will. He is at work for our good and for the good of all in and through Jesus.