going on in the haze

Sometimes life is anything but comfortable. There can be certain factors at work in that both rather known and unknown. It is nice to have sunny blue skies and the air clear. It is good when the threatening weather comes and the storms pass through with no one hurt, perhaps only having to clean up some debris. There are times when life seems cast in a haze and there is little else we can do but go on.

We might ask ourselves if some of the thoughts we’ve entertained have contributed to this “air” pollution. Perhaps we didn’t dwell on them at all, but just the same, their impact was rather formative on us, on our psyche, so that much of the comfort and joy of life had seemed all but displaced. Perhaps it’s circumstances which are not comfortable in one way or another. Oh for the nice getaway when our focus can be elsewhere in rest and pure enjoyment.

Over and over, fortunately here and there – not all the time – I’ve had to go on in the haze. Not sure where I was going, what was going on, what might come out of it. But going on just the same in faith that God would see me through. Even learning to relax and rest in something other than ideal circumstances. Perhaps attuning one’s self to life as it really is and not as we wish it would be.

In the process circumstances may not change soon, but perhaps it is we who are changing, at least in learning how to go through them with our faith in God not only intact, but somehow strengthened. Perhaps in ways we couldn’t have conceived of beforehand as well as in ways we don’t notice ourselves, even if others might sense some difference in us.

Comforts such as peace and joy are wonderful to experience and we can cherish those moments and times. But by and large that doesn’t seem to be where life is lived. It is more on the edge which mostly seems simply uncomfortable. We need to get used to that and find our life all the more in God in and through Christ. As we look forward to the day when all the haze will forever be gone.