at home

At home is where people can be themselves, totally kicked back and relaxed, not trying to impress or make an impression. It is where they are not afraid of making a mistake or being a failure, but are completely accepted for who they are and not what they ought to be. It is a place to know and be known.

In that setting it goes without saying that there should be accountability in the desire to grow and do well as humans. Where else should this dynamic be more present than in the household or family of believers, the church? We are to grow up together as Christ’s body, the church. That should be carried on when possible in our relationships at home.

Home for us in Jesus is where Jesus is present, especially the case where two or three are gathered in his name. It is a fellowship that in the love of Jesus is extended to others, to everyone, offered in his name and by his sacrificial death for us. We continue to accept others wherever they are and we receive them into the full fellowship of believers upon repentance of sin, confession of faith and baptism.

Home. I love it. I am glad that in the good ways of creation many experience something of the goal of the new creation, now present in Jesus. The final home is where we are received in all our brokenness and made whole. Something that begins in Jesus even now.