unfinished work

Tell Archippus: “See to it that you complete the ministry you have received in the Lord.”

Each person in Christ’s body has a ministry they’ve received in him. A work of faith, love and hope. Of course we need to know what that service is, then we need to keep working at it until our time is up. And we need to work toward completing it.

We can’t say exactly what that will look like for anyone, not even for ourselves since it is after all a ministry in the Lord. We need to keep the lifeline of that ministry open, alive and well. It often won’t be easy, but in a sense it is to become more and more a part of who we are. While we also live as those stripped bare before God, in that sense having and doing nothing.

And so I want to complete whatever ministry I have in the Lord while also continuing on in him as a simple follower with no pretense of life, light or ability apart from that.