acquiring the taste

For some reason junk food both real and figuratively speaking is appealing to us humans. Part of that surely is from the culture in which we live and the other part the sin which infests not only that culture, but ourselves as well. Fast food places noted for unhealthy entrees however much they may be improving are frequented by many Americans each day. And closer to home what we eat and drink is often loaded with sugar, salt, and fats which also are detrimental to our health.

On the figurative side how many hours can we waste over things which in themselves are not necessarily bad but take us away from the better things we could and therefore should be doing? It is good to engage in things we consider pure fun. And to connect with others on social media can be very much a good thing along with its pitfalls (like thinking that virtual is real or as good as face to face).

What we need to do is work at changing our habits so that over time we can acquire the taste for what is better. Certainly the reading of scripture would be at top of the list ultimately for formation in Christ. By the Spirit coming to better understand the ongoing story and find our place in it. What each of us might do beyond that is as different as we all are. For some like me it may be the necessity to read more books. For others it may be to work more on their musical instrument. Etc., etc., etc.

We make small steps in the right direction. We can’t change ourselves overnight. The attempt to do so will likely backfire and we’ll chuck the entire idea. And so we do what we can and keep working at doing it regularly little by little. Let me include the importance of prayer which includes our own words along with those from scripture and from the church. As those in Jesus hopefully we’re growing in that and in other graces as well, becoming more and more like him.

Junk food can be like a temporary fix or high, but leaves us less than healthy over time. What we need is an acquired taste for what’s better. So that what can become sinful becomes distasteful to us, and so that we’ll have discernment to sort everything out and live well along with others in and through Jesus.