fear (or faith) getting the best of us?

It is nearly inevitable in this life that at some point things are going to fall apart, either all at once or gradually. How many live lives without any challenges or setbacks? We look at someone perhaps (unwisely) comparing their lot in some way or another (or perhaps overall) with our own, and we come up short and wishing. But if only we knew the real problems that person faces or has faced (or will). As we read in the wisdom book, Job:

man is born to trouble
as surely as sparks fly upward.

So we need to simply settle in and settle down. Faith is based not on circumstances nor on feelings. It is rooted in God’s word in Jesus, the gospel. And all from scripture related to that. So that we need to look at the big story as found in scripture and learn to see everything in relation to that. Not an easy proposition and takes effort on our part. Faith is not passive, but active. Actually it can be both, but by and large it seems that most accounts of faith in scripture show something done usually in the midst of difficulty, in fact insurmountable problems which apart from God’s help could not have been overcome. See Hebrews 11 for good examples of this. Of course there is the passive aspect of faith present as well as in standing still and seeing the salvation of God.

We have to move on and keep going on in a path in which it is not about ourselves and our own likes and dislikes. But about God’s will. Being set on that in and through Jesus, and directing our lives accordingly. Ignoring the fear or using it as an impetus to faith. As we look to God to direct our path in and through Jesus.