breaking the tension

In life we often run up against tension of one kind or another. Oftentimes we don’t know why, sometimes we might know or have a hunch and want to dismiss and shrug it off as not mattering. And not try to break the ice and through the impasse, thinking it is not our problem. It may well not be our problem, at least largely so. But what are we to do considering the first and greatest command to love God and the second like it, to love our neighbor as ourselves?

By faith we need to break the silence with conversation, real conversation, give and take. Humor can help quite well. But from a heart that genuinely listens and is interested in give and take. This must be rooted in both a commitment to love God and love our neighbor, including even our enemies and especially our brothers and sisters in Jesus. We love out of God’s love for us, though at times it can seem to be a naked act of the will. God will be there to help us, and especially when we are seeking to promote peace with another, a peace not moved from truth but always steeped in grace and love.

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