against abortion

All of life is precious, from the womb to the grave. When a society loses moral grounding, or somehow violates the moral basis on which it has existed (and what society sooner or later doesn’t, or is completely without fault?), then it can damage its basis for a societal existence or normality. Sadly in our society, life is cheap. At the least the life in the womb.

Abortion is the taking of human life. Of course there is always free and full forgiveness for all who confess their sin certainly including abortion, in and through Christ.

The church in the early centuries not only was opposed to abortion, but helped women who were pregnant, and promoted adoption of unwanted children. That good tradition continues to this day. There is some complexity in the thinking of the early church on this, but not in terms of accepting abortion as a viable option as some hold today. The church to be true to the teaching of scripture must uphold the sanctity of all human life, beginning in the womb, I take it from the time of conception. And must see all of life as precious both in precept and practice.