One of my biggest problems is the problem of being distracted. This or that gets my attention, and I become glued on it for a time. We live in a day when we have so much information at our fingertips. Information overload, surely, but much good can be learned from the Internet. The only problem is that the good can take us away from the best.

I know there’s certain things I ought to do in the relatively small window of time I have to do them. But I can be distracted by things that are good and important in their place. And as a result fail to get done what I believe is better. My example: I get home in the evening after a ten hour day at work and I get on the Internet: on Facebook, reading a few blog posts perhaps, responding to this or that a bit, and then I fall asleep. And the valuable time of reading that I want to get done is often not touched. Minus the Bible reading, which I make sure I get done even if on occasion I might have some catching up to do.

Related to this is what I see as more of a spiritual warfare matter: Sometimes I am distracted by some troubling thought which sets me off on an Internet search. These things can be helpful (and sometimes more or less a complete waste of time). Yes, we can be helped quite a lot by the information online. And of course we also can be off on all kinds of tangents.

What I need to do in the end is get back into the word, back into scripture, and get focused on the gospel in relation to any scriptural passage I’m reading, and my place in that King Jesus gospel. Distractions might be alright if we deal with it, and forthrightly go on. In fact they could even be good if they spur us to renewed commitment to get our focus back on track, the eyes of our heart focused on Jesus, who alone can still the storm and help us go on come what may in God’s grace for God’s glory. Together with others in him to the end.

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