keeping the gospel front and center (in our experience in an Anglican church plant)

Deb and I are involved in an Anglican church plant where we live, in the heart of the city of Grand Rapids. It has been an interesting experience, although I hope the experience continues on and grows exponentially over time in seeing a church established and disciples or true followers of Jesus made. The Anglican Church has ties, one might say even roots into both Protestantism and Catholicism. So that depending on the church, it can more of less take on the flavor of either. What is distinctive in Anglicanism from evangelicalism, it seems to me, is that through liturgy (the service is liturgical) and the Lord’s Table (or the Eucharist, Holy Communion) the gospel of God’s grace and kingdom come in Jesus is always front and center, or at least not far removed from the service. The priest/pastor preaching the word is important, perhaps equally important along with the rest. But again the liturgy rooted in the Book of Common Prayer and in or under the influence of the Great Tradition along with “Holy Eucharist” keeps the redemptive work of King Jesus front and center.

Our last evangelical church actually did that probably more than any other church I’ve been a part of. And my experience in evangelical churches has been good. The word has been faithfully preached, the churches being true to the gospel. The difference in where we are now is that this is at the heart of each service, so that it is hopefully the heart beat. We are both confronted with the truth and claims of the gospel and we are also blessed with its promises. All as part of the service. So that the preaching or teaching of the word is no longer front and center, but rather part of the whole, having its place, indeed an important place in the service. While the service is vitally important, of equal importance is the common life that is to follow. We are the people of God not just as individuals, but together as a whole. We are family in and through our Brother Jesus. And in Jesus we are on mission, each of us having our part in this world as witnesses of Jesus, as those who live with the goal of keeping the gospel front and center in all of life.

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