seasons of life

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

I am amazed in a way that it’s Friday already. And if I think much about it, I can be a bit amazed over my age, turning 59 in April. I am at a certain stage in my work life, although when “retirement” comes, I have no intention of retiring from life and activity. That will certainly be a new season in life.

I can look back with both appreciation and consternation over past decades. I can pinpoint both the blessings and especially I’m thinking now of the difficulties and challenges. I can see both the Lord’s hand in my life, as well as the schemes of the devil. Although very few would likely read it, I could write a book on it, not too long, not necessarily long at all. Which hopefully might help others. But in all of that I see seasons of life.

We can’t depend on ourselves or our faithfulness. That is no foundation to build one’s life on, certainly not one that will last beyond this life or will wear well in this life in terms of God’s will in Jesus. Instead we must learn to depend on God’s faithfulness in and through Jesus and found in the gospel, the good news of God’s grace and kingdom come in him. That is what we need to hang our hats on, indeed base our lives.

Let’s appreciate the seasons of life, the different stages that come and go. They all have their advantages as well as pitfalls that we do well to become aware of and avoid. It is good through the Lord’s help in answer to prayer for us to begin to understand and settle in well to the season of life in which we’re in, with all of its challenges and heartaches. Along with its many blessings. To learn more and more to go on in the way of Jesus in the fellowship of God’s people and as a witness to the world.