bumbling followers

To follow Jesus doesn’t mean we have to have it all together. In fact I would like to argue that part of truly following him is not to have it all together at all. One of my favorite films is about a brother now with the Lord, whose music I not only esteem, but the man himself. I esteem him as a true follower of Jesus. The film is entitled, Ragamuffin, and it presents one part of the life of Rich Mullins: God’s grace meeting him in his brokenness. Give it a watch, and like us, give a copy (or more) away.

The disciples in the gospel narratives of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are far from having it all together. And even after Pentecost, we see some missteps along the way even from Peter himself. While Paul makes it clear that he hasn’t arrived. At the same time, while true followers don’t have it altogether in both their brokenness and sin, they are truly following. Oftentimes the light shines the brightest through darkness, but the light also changes us. And in a sense through the light of the world, Jesus, we become lights of the world in and through him, made evident by our deeds, our good works.

And so we continue to follow our Lord, come what may no matter what, even in all our stumbling and bumbling. We follow the one who loves us and gave himself for us. To the cross.


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