Lent and sacrifice

At the heart of Lent is sacrifice. Lenten season is about following the one who gave his life as a once for all sacrifice on the cross. At the heart of such giving is sacrificial love. And it’s a love that is of God in Jesus and by the Spirit. And so as we take on the “fast” of Lent, we do so as those who would deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow our Lord in the way of love.

Of course this is not our natural bent. We naturally want to look out for ourselves, or we succumb to our fears and revert back to our default position, which is to save our lives. I think sometimes, maybe often, we may need to simply bow down so to speak and take the brunt of the waves of fear or whatnot that comes over us, and continue on following. In time the Lord will help us share in his joy and love. The peace that passes all understanding will come. But during Lent we can hopefully enter more deeply into the same kind of sufferings and death of our Lord. That we might know him more fully in his resurrection life and power.

2 comments on “Lent and sacrifice

  1. Joycemb says:

    Thank you, this post answers a deep struggle I am having this Lenten season.

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