Lent and needed faith

Jesus was going to Jerusalem, his disciples following in spite of as well as because of. In spite of what Jesus told them of what lie ahead. And because Jesus and the Spirit with him was with them along the way, to help keep them on the straight and narrow.

They did not want to go there, but that’s where Jesus was going and so they followed. There will be times like that for us when we don’t want to go there, to do that, but we need to remember that by the Spirit the Lord is indeed present with us. And so we must press on, remembering that the Lord will give us the grace needed. And so continue to follow.

2 comments on “Lent and needed faith

  1. grace says:

    Ted I can so identify with the disciples! But it just occurs to me that now, knowing the outcome will always be for good, why can’t we get excited and rejoice when asked to go/do something that is against our will or wishes? I am going to think about this for a while….

    • Good thought and question, Grace. We are so existentially bound, that is, as people we live in experience. That is why we need to know what to do when the bad thoughts, some of which are inescapable in this world afflict and trouble us. You make a good point here: that in the midst of that as an expression of faith in spite of how we feel we can thank and even praise God ahead of time that in all things he is at work for good. And we have God’s promise as we do that, his peace which passes all understanding will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus.

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