Lent and the frailty of life

for dust you are
    and to dust you will return.

None of us are far removed from death. Although we tend not to think that way at least not until we get older when old age may be just around the corner, maybe a few years or a decade or so away. Yet life can end for the youngest through an accident or illness. We are mortal, having lost the way to the tree of life which is found now in Jesus.

The disciples when following Jesus to Jerusalem where he had told them he was to suffer many things and be killed three days after which he would be raised to life couldn’t begin to understand what Jesus was about to do, and what God would accomplish through that.

God in the Son took upon himself our humanity unadulterated, indeed dust. Jesus was not born immortal as a human, although also God, hence mystery. There is no doubt that he suffered as we do, even to the full experience of death. As has been said by church fathers of old, Christ took on himself our humanity so that we might share in his divinity. He suffered death that we might enter into life. He took on himself our sins that we might be forgiven and reconciled.

That is a part of Lenten season, to accept our mortality as is underscored with the ashes crossed on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday as we look forward to the resurrection in the eternal life that is ours in Jesus. To realize that even the youngest among us is not immune. To prepare us for the inevitable day unless the Lord returns before that. If though not wanting death we are ready to die in any given day, maybe we are living a life worth living. Helping and comforting others in the good news, the gospel. In and through Jesus.

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