Lent and continuing in prayer

Lent is a time of preparation, culminated in Holy Week and ending on Easter Sunday. We prepare in significant part through prayers and traditionally through fasting, though many of us are not accustomed or a part of traditions which practice the latter at least not as church. I see one of the highest values of Lent as entering into prayer and not just prayer for ourselves for repentance and deeper identification with Christ through our baptism into his death, but for others, for others in the faith and outside of it.

Hopefully through the season of Lent we are impacted so that our lives are changed. That we are a step and a breath closer to our Lord becoming more like him in his death. That his resurrection power and life might be more evident from us for others. Of course that this practice may be done more consistently and with more depth out of a heart of love, which will more be the case if we’ve grown closer to Jesus.

Getting there isn’t always easy, and in fact we have to accept that at times we may seem lost and things may seem topsy turvy. And there may be moments when everything seems against us. That is part of living in this world as a follower of Christ, in an existence of the world, the flesh and the devil. As part of God’s grace and kingdom come in and through Jesus. And so we continue in prayer.


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