Lent and continuing on

Sometimes we lose sight of not only where we are, but how we got there. The disciples of old who followed Jesus have to be given some credit, even though all the glory in the end certainly goes to God. They pressed on in spite of their weaknesses, all of them sincere in trying to learn from and truly follow Jesus, except Judas Iscariot, who sadly enough had other motives.

We need to remain close to the source and we need to press on. It’s easy to slack off when we have a chance. We do need rest. Sometimes life throws so much at us so long that it is good to get away for a bit of a prolonged time and be able to rest, relax and reflect on life, and hopefully be refreshed in it all, in and through the Lord (an unplanned alliteration, ha). It is good, I believe, to have regular short spots of physical rest, when we can reflect anew on God’s goodness to us, or simply seek to rest in his presence.

Sometimes immediately before a big event and immediately after we can get into a kind of funk, or dark place. That’s perfectly okay and normal. We can’t control our emotions, for sure, but we do have control over our faith. A fruit of the Spirit is self-control, and our goal should be to follow our Lord faithfully to the end, no matter what. Out of love for the Lord, for God, and for the world, our loved ones, the lost, even as Jesus taught us- for our enemies.

And so just before the beginning of Holy Week and Palm Sunday, as we remember the final hours of our Lord before his suffering and death, and we reflect on the meaning of that anew, soon to be followed by our celebration of his resurrection, we press on, continuing on. In Jesus through the gospel, in the word. Not pushing ahead as if it depends on us, but doing so in the grace and power of our Lord. As we anticipate God’s goodness to us and through us to others in and through Jesus.


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