the gospel

If I could say just one thing and it had to be short, I would want to talk about the gospel, the good news in Jesus. Yes, there is much more to say around that, but there is one hope for us, for the world, as big as all the world, even as big as all creation. And that is the gospel, the good news as it is in Jesus.

Reconciliation between us and God, and out of that between us and each other is at the heart of this good news, through the forgiveness of sins and the new life that comes through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Out from that love for God and for each other in the love of God in Jesus. The good news is Jesus himself, in his coming- the Incarnation (God made flesh), his mighty works and teaching, his death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins and new life, his ascension to the right hand of the Father in ultimate power and glory, and the promise of his return when heaven and earth become one in him and all things are made new in the new creation.

I believe, as scripture says we need all of scripture, because each book with the various genres has its part in the overall story. So I keep reading and going over all of scripture, from Genesis through Revelation, with probably an emphasis on the New Testament and particularly on the gospels. But each and every book has its own blessed part.

Jesus is the fulfillment of it all: creation, fall, Israel and in that the restoration of all things to their intended goal and purpose in the new creation. That begins now in and through Jesus, the beginning of which is found in the church itself, Jesus’ Body by the Spirit on earth and particularly present and prominent in the sacramental life of baptism and the Lord’s Table and the common life shared by all. The church itself is a living witness to this good news in Jesus, out of which we share that light and life in the darkness and death.

Jesus, the God-Human, as much human as all the rest of us through and through except that he never sinned. And God from God, the one and only Son of the Father in the Blessed Holy Spirit. Hung on a cross, suffering as the weight of being “made sin” for us who himself had no sin bore down upon him. And dying, giving up his spirit. His corpse placed in a tomb. And rising again into glorious resurrection life. Appearing to his disciples and to many others. And afterward ascended to the right hand of the Father where he rules over all even in and through the church which draws from the fullness of Jesus who fills everything in every way.

With the “hope” and promise of his return, in the Second Coming, when at long last our groans in this world, and the groans of all creation will end in the unveiling of the new creation in which all will be love, joy and peace in the life, presence and power of the Blessed Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

That is something of the word I would want to share if I could say only one thing.


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