my week away from blogging

First of all not blogging is something I missed far more than any reader. I know that to be true from my own experience in reading blogs. I don’t care how much I might like or benefit from a blog; I can go without it, even if I might miss it. Most blogs and I’m including pretty good ones are a dime a dozen, and I’m under no illusion that my blog is any different.

That said, blogging for me is an exercise in sharing and thinking through my faith, hopefully along with others. This kind of blog might help someone in their spiritual journey for a time. For any of that which might take place, I’m grateful.

I think the week away forced me to emphasize an aspect of my spiritual life and walk which I can easily neglect, which was a main point of it all: conversing with the Lord. I wish I wouldn’t have been so open about disagreeing with Father Mike. It was traumatic to me after blogging daily for nearly eight years. And Mike sent me a note telling me he wouldn’t see me as less spiritual if I would not follow through on that. It was considered part of a “fast” in regard to the spiritual warfare we were addressing at the time.

All in all I’m sure the Lord used it for good. And probably in ways I can’t see now. But (at least) two ways which are evident to me: I had more time to be still before God, which is always good. Along with that I worked more deliberately in conversing with God. And I think I’m making progress in trusting in the Lord instead of trying to think of all the problems or possibilities of bad things which might happen.

Now I’m back to what I like to do: read and write without leaving the other behind. Hopefully with the seed of what was planted the past week both beginning to germinate well and sprout. So that with others in Jesus, I can bear the good fruit in whatever good works God has for me to do in Jesus.


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