keeping the big picture and the long haul in view in the immediate

It is easy to be knocked to one’s knees at times (if to prayer, of course a good thing), given what is happening today, and what we have to deal with, all the possibilities. Jesus did tell us to take one day at a time, to trust the Father’s care for the long haul as we keep the big picture in view, the seeking of God’s kingdom and righteousness (Matthew 6).

What we need is an understanding of the big picture, and then the faith to live in terms of that rather than be pushed and pulled in terms of the immediate. There are great needs and concerns that often do meet us in the here and now, and we certainly need to cry out to God concerning them as we see again and again in the psalms. But we do so as those who believe that God is at work in the world for good in and through Jesus. That God does have a plan and purpose, working everything after the counsel of his will (Ephesians). And that it is all good, centered and fulfilled in King Jesus.

This requires a plodding faith, confident that God will take care of his own, that God’s care extends beyond his own to the world, that he will actually address and redress all wrongs, a good judgment in Jesus to come, and that he will make all things new. And that his salvation begins even now in this life, even in the midst of sin and the brokenness and pain that often accompany it.

And so our help for the immediate ironically may not be focusing so much on the day to day problems, or perhaps better put, we deal with the immediate in terms of the big picture, God’s picture, with the goal of being faithful over the long haul until Jesus returns.

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