pressing on

Sometimes the only thing one can do is simply to keep on keeping on in the way set before them. It may seem humdrum and in the middle of a vast wilderness which aside from a few dangers doesn’t look like much if anything will change in the foreseeable future. Of course none of us knows just what is over the horizon or what another year may bring.

Any of us might like some kind of great breakthrough, though all of life along with the changes it brings can result in a whole new set of challenges. Life by nature is like that, of course.

What we often need to do is simply to keep pressing on. In the midst of disappointments, even a failure along the way, questions, conundrums, difficulties. Sometimes the difficult places put us in the posture we’ve needed to be in all along, with more complete dependence on the Lord, nowhere else left to turn. And even there we can find the good works God has for us to do in Christ.

And so that is my own goal: to press on. And to do so in prayer that that pressing on might be toward the goal God has for us in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3).