knowing God as Father

God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God in Three Persons, essentially one in being and nature, yet distinctive, so that there’s diversity in (the) unity in the One or Oneness of God. Jesus as the unique Son of the Father revealed the Father in himself and taught that the Father is greater than all, though we know that the Son is no less God in his being. I will stop at that.

And so we know God through Jesus by the Holy Spirit. The Father seems to me to get perhaps a bit of short shrift in our thinking and practice. It is true that our faith is Christ-centered. The Spirit too can be little more than an afterthought to us, but we live by the life and power of the Spirit in and through Jesus.

And so when I think of God as Father I’m thinking of the Father. But I also think of God in general, because the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are One. They can never be separated in their union with each other.

Now to my life, just to get this point started. I have struggled for years emotionally and in my faith in the sense of trust. What has made up for that only in small part is a relatively strong faith in scripture, enough to keep my faith afloat. But not enough to really help me live well enough in God’s will in Jesus. I plan to share more on this, more details in days to come. But suffice it to say here that knowing God as my Father, really accepting him as my loving Father who is there for me to see me through, but fundamentally before that, simply loves me period, whatever I may or may not do, apart from my performance, is just now in this later part of my life igniting a revolution. Or at least a breakthrough in ways I’ve never known before. More on that on a later post.

God is our Father in and through Jesus and we are his very children. A perfect father who is present for us. Or perhaps waiting for us (as in the Prodigal Son) to simply turn to him. His loving embrace and extravagant welcome, following.

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