meditation on Ascension Day

This is the day on the liturgical church calendar when we remember our Lord’s ascension to heaven. The resurrected Jesus, now living in the new sphere, the new creation, as the firstfruits of those who had fallen asleep in death, was exalted to the place of ultimate authority, seated at the right hand of the Father. Until he comes again, when heaven and earth become one in him and all is made new.

Our Lord’s ascension means that everyone is accountable to him, and that will become evident on the day he comes to judge the world. It is a matter of fact which holds every governing, ruling state accountable, the kingdom of God in Jesus to come and fill the earth.

That kingdom is now present by the Spirit in the church. It is entered into through faith and baptism and is experienced both in the sacramental (the Eucharist) and common life of the church. And God extends that kingdom now through the mission of the church in evangelizing and discipling, to call people out of the world into the church, into Christ.

And so this day reminds us that Jesus is at the place of ultimate power. Which figures intimately into our own lives and even into the life of the world. Somehow in all things, big and small. In ways we cannot see now, perhaps in ways that are not revealed, though we can say nothing on that (no argument from silence), being confined to the riches that are revealed, a good study in scripture in itself.

And we await now the promise of his return: that our Lord, King Jesus will come back, just as he departed.

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