A passion I have is simply to communicate the faith, as well as to communicate well in general, over difficult and sometimes controversial matters. Although much of this blog is given to issues in which Christians are in agreement, in fact I would want to underscore our agreements and minimize our differences. Our unity is in the gospel: in the incarnate, resurrected, ascended, King Jesus.

One doesn’t have to be the best communicator in the world to be used significantly by God. For some, in spite of  this or that about how they communicate, the message they share has a vital, powerful impact. And just because one might communicate well, does not make them a servant of Christ. However something of the heart language of the people we are trying to communicate something to or engage in dialog with, needs to be known. If we use words which are not common, or ways of speaking which are not natural, we distract from what we are trying to say, from the point we’re trying to make or message we’re trying to share.

This too is why I’m an advocate of a Bible translation like the New International Version (NIV) which seeks to use the best English while remaining true to the meaning of the original. Avoiding stilted words while retaining some words and phrases which have great theological value along with strong tradition. It’s not like I don’t think we can’t challenge others with some difficult concepts. To talk about the faith and the gospel is to inevitably run up against such challenges. It’s rather to explain such as best we can, to avoid any unnecessary impediment to understanding what with clear language is not always easy to grasp. Of course now we’re talking about truth which requires the work of the Spirit to see and accept. Translating with the goal of reflecting as much as possible how scripture was written, from the original language to our own language, no small fete. We can be thankful for the missionaries who worked diligently on translating scripture into many languages with the linguistic breakthroughs in understanding dynamics in translating that came through their work.

And so this is a large part of my passion in sharing online and by writing: to share the simplicity and at the same time the profundity of the gospel, of Jesus and God’s will in him.


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