mind over matter into faith

“Our will is transformed by experience, not information.”

—Dallas Willard

Recently a friend who knows me some face to face, but not much at all close up, remarked that I am verbal brained and not so much one that could be given to the blues, blues music in the passing of B. B. King and its affinity to Christianity, being the subject.

It is true that I do approach life basically from thought. That is reflected especially in loving to read, and relatively late in life discovering that I love to write if only to figure out what I happen to believe on a given subject.

God approaches us through our mind as is evident from the written, inscripturated word of God. But it doesn’t stop there. Approaching our mind is ultimately to appeal to our will so as to see life changing faith. So yes, in a sense to overcome the inevitable trials and troubles of life that come our way we must set aside our emotions or what plagues us at the time, and ask God to show us what we need to know, so that we can act on that. In a sense that’s a bit of a bypass of the mind, since we are bringing the matter to God. But in another sense not, since it is the case of acting on what we do already know by faith apart from how we feel. And oftemtines we have to hold on or retrieve what was helpful to us at a certain point for another time.

While scripture certainly gives place to the full expression of our real emotion, even our thinking in the most difficult times (note Psalm 88 for a prime example), we can’t stop there. We have to act, even if only in waiting and trust at certain points, so that our faith might kick in, so to speak. Might come alive in the sense of becoming active. So that what we need from God we will receive in and through Jesus.


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