keeping one’s eye on the mark

Scripture talks about focus in terms of what we’re looking at or paying attention to. It is so easy to become distracted by this or that. Not to say that a whole host of things in this life don’t need our attention and due consideration. But in the midst of that, what is our plumb line or lens through which we measure or see everything?

In scripture we find that it is Jesus and the good news in him which is the point, putting everything else in perspective and leading us to the goal of it all, which is as deep as it is wide.

We are to fix our eyes on Jesus as the pioneer and perfecter of faith and we’re to press on toward the goal of God’s heavenly calling to us in him (Hebrews 12; Philippians 3). When we get distracted we become unsettled and uneasy (ill at ease). It requires a work of the Spirit, a work of God’s grace to get us back on track. We also need to discipline ourselves to that end.

I try to be in scripture and in prayer all day. It is what it is both in quality and quantity, but it is what I want to be attentive to. In that way, hopefully I’m setting my sights more and more on Jesus himself and seeing everything more and more in that Light.


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