“being Jesus online”

My friend and Bible teacher and writer at Our Daily Bread Ministries; etc., Dennis Moles, wrote a most interesting new booklet which we just ran (I think for the first time) this week: Being Jesus Online. It really got me to think, even though I’ve been online for some time.

Dennis, in the booklet takes us straight to the heart of things, to Jesus himself and God’s character as seen in Jesus which is also God’s will for us who are in him. I remember the emphasis on teachings from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, in the booklet. As Jesus told his disciples that whoever saw him saw the Father, whoever sees us ought to see Jesus. I would say something of Jesus. That hopefully it would not merely be me, but Jesus.

After reading the booklet I have thought twice about something I shared recently online, which actually was alright in and of itself. It may have been okay to share it, but how I obsessed over it, even though that wasn’t evident online, was not okay. And then this morning I thought to share something which again is fine in its place and may be well and good to share. But only for me I decided that at least for now it’s not something I want to share as one who is seeking to show Jesus in the way that works for me now. Of course that’s a tall order. Only by the Spirit is that possible, and we need to steep ourselves in the word, in scripture, especially in the gospel accounts/the gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

That booklet touched me not only in relation to being online, but for all of life. Online, as Dennis puts it in the booklet, in a sense is a part of real life, to be sure. I have to ask myself, how am I Jesus at home, at church, in my neighborhood, at work- everywhere?

We who are in Christ are indeed living letters written by the Spirit of God, known and read by everyone (2 Corinthians 3). May people see Jesus more and more in us, through these humble jars of clay.


3 comments on ““being Jesus online”

  1. James says:


    Is there a copy available online? It sounds fascinating!


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