sloth equals the failure to love

John Frye wrote a helpful post on sloth from Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung’s book, Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies.

Sloth plain and simple means the failure to love, although there’s much more to consider in that. Of course the true love from which all other created love flows is in view here. It is not the absence of work, in fact a person might work around the clock and yet be slothful to the core. One might work even with love in view, while neglecting love to those closest to them such as their spouse and children. Surely this has been a trap for not a few.

This challenges me, but it encourages me at the same time. Oftentimes I seem to have little heart to do what needs to be done, other than making sure I do what I must do to provide for my wife, to make a living. I can lack heart due to lacking love which is actually a contradiction to the faith, because at the core of the faith is love, God’s love in Jesus by the Spirit at work in and through his people in the world. A love which is especially devoted to others in the faith, but spills out to everyone else, including even one’s enemies. In following the way and indeed the heart of Jesus.

I needed this reminder this morning, something I hope to keep in view. So as to remain in that active love which we receive and give in and through Jesus.

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