a precious new life

Now we have two precious granddaughters, Morgan Marie and our new arrival Mandie Lynn. It was a blessed weekend, our daughter Tiffany called on Saturday morning, as it seemed that the special day had come.

I can still remember Morgan’s arrival nearly seven years ago. I don’t think we were as prepared, but it was every bit as special. And now her little sister is here, a bundle of love, a human being made in God’s image, loved by God and by her family. Tiffany and Chris are experienced at it this time around, and with some healthy apprehension, are ready for what’s next. We want to help them by our prayers and doing what we can.

In scripture whenver the birth of a baby girl or boy is spoken of, it is special. In the created order male is no better than female. Together they constitute “Adam” or humankind in Genesis. Made in God’s image, they have the unique call to be rulers in submission to God’s rule. Especially as stewards of the earth. Something which humankind has botched, but is especially fulfilled in Jesus. Everyone of us having our part and responsibility. Both in and through creation and new creation- in Jesus.

And so for Mandie Lynn, I pray that God will help her at a young age to be a person of faith, even as I trust God is working the same in Morgan Marie. That they will be stalwarts for Jesus, devoted to God and God’s will in Jesus out of love for God and for others. I pray for God’s protection on them both and on this fledgling family.

The only bad thing about the weekend is that between Mandie Lynn going here and there and I having to go in and out, I did not get to hold our new granddaughter yet! Other than that we were blessed indeed. And we pray God’s blessing on this family, that they might be a blessing to each other and to those around them. In and through Jesus our Lord.

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