something to live for

Sometimes for many many people, one seems like they’ve been dealt an unfair hand, even an impossible one as told in this most tragic story. For others of us, we’re up against difficulties that seem insurmountable. Or it may seem that somehow we’ve slipped through the cracks, that we weren’t able to do what we really should have done in life. Worst of all is when it seems like one has outlived not only their usefulness, but more importantly are at a loss to find a true friend.

I for one have had a taste of this and it isn’t good. I have to keep turning to the pages of scripture to find my place somewhere in God’s story at large. Scripture tells the story of the unfolding of the gospel with God as King in and through Jesus at the center of that. We finding our place in and through King Jesus and the salvation he brings.

Yes, one can believe that, but still struggle in a malaise at times, knowing better, yet not feeling better to the point that one is not sure if they know, or maybe even doubt the validity of what they still might hold on to in their head, not really thinking it applies to them and therefore losing heart.

I must say that many of us Americans live as islands, to ourselves, maybe to the world of the digital, but not enough to each other. Christians are told more than once that we’re to encourage each other regularly, that we’re to pray for each other. That we’re to keep in contact. Too often we’re not present for each other, and we don’t go out of our way to contact people who come to mind, who could use that. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to do so, but that doesn’t mean we should give up and not try.

And so when life seems to be slipping away and the past is haunting the present and threatening to undo the future, we might need to renew our commitment to live in and according to the will of the one who gave his life to give us a life worth living for. And to trust him through the diffiulty and pain. So that we might not only carry on, but live well to the end as a witness that there’s much to live for in the eternal life and kingdom now present in and through Jesus.