faith — the aspect of our continuing on in this new life

This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.

1 John 5

Faith is accorded a high status in scripture. It is through faith and baptism that we become God’s children and one body in Christ. Faith is set against works of the Law/Torah, as well as works period, to bring us into right standing with God through the Righteous One, Jesus. Faith in its essence is trusting God, and the crucial matter is taking God at his word. We remember that Abraham believed God- what God said, and God counted it to him as righteousness.

Faith helps us carry on amidst doubts and fears. As well as unanswered questions. And in the end faith matters because of the reality it embraces or lays hold of, be it ever so weakly. Faith not only matters, but begins to take root and grow and becomes established and stable because of that reality in God and God’s grace and kingdom come in Jesus. In the gospel/good news.

I carry on in spite of many things, not the least of which are my own faults, weaknesses and sins. Because of faith. Of course coming from and rooted in God’s gift of grace. My faith is not what keeps me going, but it is that aspect of life of my continuing on because of God’s grace and kingdom in Jesus.

Faith again is not just intelletual. It involves all of us. Again, it is essentially trusting God himself, so that we take God at his word. A belief that by nature of that word penetrates into our entire lives, so that our mind, heart, will and actions become aligned. There is no faith at all beyond what the devil/demons has/have when people merely give intellectual assent to something. In other words while this faith is intellectual, it is much more as well. It takes all of us because it is about all of life. Nothing is excluded.

Faith in a sense is our end of things, our response to God, our commitment to carry on come what may even when the world is on an entirely different trek. Indeed it is our faith which overcomes the world even in our own limited yet real sphere of existence in and through Jesus and God’s grace and kingdom come in him.