the call to faithfulness

In this life there is the inevitable flux of changing circumstances and the human struggle that follows them. We see it in major ways throughout the world and we experience it ourselves in various ways, big and small from day to day.

If there is one thing I would like to emphasize as a need on the human side (and other things need to be said as well), I would want to emphasize pure and simple, the need of being faithful. One of the names for Christians in scripture is “the faithful.”

This is easier said then done. But it should be our goal, whatever we’re facing and up against. Such a thought and goal should inform and reform our lives. Sometimes that means we need to abruptly change our course and set ourselves on a path toward needed transformation. We can’t excuse sin and let it go. We either master it by grace or it will devour us, or at least render us powerless and keep us from fulfiling God’s calling for our lives. Recovery may help us gather something back of that original call. And we can be set on the calling from God we have for the rest of our lives. But one must treat major deviation from God’s will as the sin it is, refusing no matter what the circumstances, to justifiy it.

Faithfulness means holding to the gospel and our place in relationship to that gospel, particularly in and as part of the church. I have to say that those who profess a living faith in our Lord and yet abandon the church for years, that they are not being faithful. We are told not to forsake the assembling of ourselves as church, and it should be both in terms of the sacramental and common life.

Faithfulness oftentimes will be anything but glamorous and exciting, it will oftentimes feel mundane and seem a thankless task. Our goal should be faithfulness to God’s calling for us, whatever that may be both in terms of the common calling we share with all believers, and the specific, special calling God gives to each one of us.

And so that needs to be our goal to the end, come what may, no matter how we feel: we want to be faithful in and through our Lord Jesus Christ.