the human experience and scripture

We all go through a lot and the older we get the more complex life can seem on many levels. While at the same time we’re hopefully learning to will one thing (Kirkegaard) in line with God’s will.

This is another reason I would advocate the reading of all of scripture over time. And a steady diet of the psalms. Stay at it. Keeping after it little by little everyday is better than reading a huge chunk now and then.

What we find in scripture are real humans who are like us. And God at work in their lives, in covenant with them to make them a blessing in and through Jesus.

My focus easly is blurred from where it’s needed, or set on something that is not helpful. That is why I need to be in the scriptures daily, the daily readings from the Old and New Testament along with the psalms, and meditating bit by bit in working through scripture throughout the day.

It is most important by far not just to read scripture, but to prayerfully seek to put it into practice. Scripture connects us with God, with God’s will in Jesus. We are shaped by scripture, God’s written word. Scripture also is shaped to real life. We find something of our story in one way or another within the story found in scripture. It should resonate with us, even with parts we can’t track well with, like the sacrificial system.

I turn to the pages of scripture daily and throughout the day as a matter of commitment in seeking to be a follower of the Lord, and also because I need it. In ways I understand as well as in ways I don’t. It is profound in its scope yet simple in meeting us where we live: the very breath of God into our lives in and through Jesus.