picking up the broken pieces

Some things simply can’t be fixed. You live with them the rest of your life, your whole life long. You can try to pick up the broken pieces, but in the process more wounds come. Over the wounds that run deep.

The best one can do is pray and seek to do what is right and good. Yes, to learn from one’s mistakes, perhaps even grievous sin, although such learning has to take more of the form of penance shown in a penitent heart and over time. Just a changed mind is not enough, there has to be a changed life.

There is always grace. That is our only hope to begin with. Grace to help us avoid disasters in the first place. And if one fails, to help them recover. This should be a loving church effort that seeks to bring the sinnner to full repentance and restoration. In grace we find our place and live and do well in that.

But in the meantime the grieving continues. Lost opportunities and the brokenness left behind. I can’t imagine anything worse except a spiraling into an abyss of failure away from God’s grace.

What is needed is comfort and consolation, even peace. To carry on well with all humility in a certain kind of brokeness in which one is being made whole. Even through that brokennes. Something beyond my imagination, but for which I pray for others as well as for myself.