holding on to faith, along with a good conscience

Scripture, specifically in the New Testament speaks of holding onto faith and a good conscience. The spiritual warfare we undergo is one to undermine our faith. For the most part the enemy doesn’t succeed in causing us to abandon the faith altogether, and in so doing to abandon faith. Of course when I say holding on to faith it is in terms of the faith once for all entrusted to God’s people. And concerning our trust in God. One has to be careful to make that clear since faith is a word which often is misused, amounting often to nothing more than faith in one’s self sometimes dressed up in new age speak of an inner light.

We end up losing out when we simply don’t stand firm. Instead of radically committing ourselves to trust in God and in his word, in some way we seek to resolve an issue ourselves. We need discernment in this to know when what is approaching us is an attack of the enemy, the spirits of evil, I am supposing ordinarily a demon assigned to each of us. They know our weaknesses and oftentimes we can pick up patterns of how they work along with specifically what they do. One of their foremost tactics is to undermine our faith so that while we hold to the faith, our faith in some given matter is not intact. So that our practice does not line up with our belief.

I’ve noticed too that when we so succumb, we don’t easily get back the traction we had. The Lord may give it back to us sooner than what we could hope for, but by and large we’ll feel the consequences at least immediately after and for a time. It’s not easy, either, and we especially need to be on guard and in prayer during such times. Better yet is to not get their in the first place. And to keep working on that so that we more and more develop a keen eye for what is happening so as not to fall for the bait and be taken in by the scheme sent our way.

A key is simply and radicially to take God at his word. And in doing so to trust personally in him. It will be difficult at first, in fact we may feel bad, it being entirely counterintuitive to what we would automatically do. A test of our faith. But as we hold on in faith, in time God will honor that. With his peace along with whatever we need besides.

Nothing is more important for us than holding on to faith along with a good conscience. As we live in the love of God in Jesus and share that love with each other and the world.