like begets like

I want to be very careful here. After all, this could be a most discouraging post. My aim is not to discourage but to encourage myself and others in a good direction. Like begets like in creation, the fall in human brokenness, redemption and new creation. This is encouched within the bigger point that we were made to rule under God’s authority in his kingdom.

We are all created in the image of God. So that we share something of the likeness of God I take it in both our character and our works. But this image is broken, twisted and distorted because of our sin; we are sinners. And just as God passed on something of who he is to us humans in creation, we pass on something of who we are to each other in our sin. Especially true of parents to children. But true in other ways as well, particularly from those of influence. And we all have some influence on others. Thankfully there is good passed on as well.

Then comes our need of redemption. God becomes one of us in the Person of his Son to bring us back to the goal of creation in new creation through redemption. And in so doing, God lifts us to a new place in and through Jesus. Not only are we being moved to the original goal in creation, but we are made into something of that saving work of Christ in learning to deny ourselves and take up our cross in this world and follow. We join those who lay down their lives for the gospel so that others might be saved. Becoming like Jesus even in this way. Though he is once for all and forever the Savior through his death and resurrection.

In the end there’s new creation, which has its beginning now in and through Jesus. We are brought now into what will be complete later. Like begets like in all of this. We are meant to rub off on each other for good, the ultimate source of that being God in the Person of Jesus himself and by the blessed Holy Spirit.

The idea -indeed truth- that like begets like should surely give us pause. None of us arrive in this life and we all have flaws aplenty. So that we will want to more and more reduce what is unhelpful and not good in ourselves, while more and more increasing by spiritual growth what is helpful and good in the love and holiness of God in and through Jesus. All a matter of God’s grace in Jesus: grace, grace and more grace. Grace to forgive and be forgiven. Grace to carry on no matter what in a new freedom, breaking free from the chains and degradation of sin into the new world of redemption and new creation in and through Jesus. And passing that on to each other. Like begetting like in and through Jesus.