the gospel and the church, the focal point

There is no doubt that good has been accomplished through political entities of this world. William Wilberforce is but one example among many. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the many men and women who worked with him for the civil rights of African Americans/blacks is another striking example. Both are warm with reference to the point I would like to make on this post. Wilberforce promoted the gospel, especially so in a book he wrote on it as he endured decades of a more than uphill battle to end the slave trade in the British empire. And people my age know something of the story and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., and others who put their lives on the line during that time. The film Selma eloquently and powerfully portrayed this, a must see.

The one political entity we in King Jesus need to be aligned to is the church through the good news in Jesus. Yes, political. The church and the gospel can never become a part of the politics of the world system, since it is actually of (not just from) another sphere. And yet from this unique place in Jesus, the gospel and the church are for the world. The impact of the gospel through the church and the church through the gospel should reverberate and be felt through every sphere of life. The source will be different, but much of that work from that source may overlap and be the same. Except that it is a work done in the abiding faith, hope and love that is in Jesus.

Our interests, as my friend Allan R. Bevere suggests, betray our real thoughts here. We really do think that what is done at the levels of the government of the state, be it a political party or a judicial court, or whatever, is really where it’s at. We put our full attention on that and in doing so demonstrate that we don’t see the gospel and the church as relevant at all. Whether the gospel and the church is relevant as far as the world is concerned should make no difference to us. Rather it should be our focus to live out and be a witness to the gospel as the church. A gospel that is as big as all of life, in the salvation and reconciliation that has come in God’s grace and kingdom in Jesus.