doing what we can

For one reason or another, we may be at a loss to know what to do, even what to think or say in a given situation. We either may not have the gift (even wisdom) or resources needed to help. We may even be at a loss in knowing whether or not what others are advocating will be helpful or not. Rather than hang our heads and let our hearts grow faint over what we can’t do, we should do what we can.

One thing we always and forever can do is pray. What we would like for sure is God’s wisdom so we will know how to pray and just what our participation in a given matter will be. If it’s near us there may be something we can and therefore should do. It may seem small, but if God is in it, it could be the hinge that opens the door.

I have to admit that sometimes I find myself being a skeptic of the answers people give to big problems. Though we’ll always glad when something is actually being done to alleviate problems, such as building wells in places in need of clean drinking water. We need to put forth our effort doing what we can do rather than complain that we are at a loss to know what to do, or that we don’t have the ability to do it.

There is always something we can do, better yet something God gives us to do in hard situations. Even if it is only to pray. That is where we need to start anyhow, since we want our works to be in the very work of God himself in and through Jesus.