the battle

Life sometimes gives one setback after another. Think of the story- epic in this regard- of Job. Not only one problem after another, but life seemed to fall apart right before his eyes. In the end God doesn’t tell Job Satan’s role in the story which really would not have satisfied Job anyhow I wouldn’t think, but makes it clear that God’s ways are beyond him and therefore that he should not think he can charge God with evil over the evil that had befallen him. Job not only accepted that insight from the broken silence of God, but seemed to embrace it. And go on. Seven new children did not actually replace the seven lost ones, though in the resurrection none would be lost.

The battle might lie in us refusing to be moved from our fundamental position of faith. Faith in God through faith in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, in his coming as God in the flesh, fully human; his proclamation, mighty works and teaching of God’s kingdom come in him; his death for our sins and resurrection for new life and new creation; his ascension at the right hand of the Father in power to reign even now through his church; with the promise of his return when heaven and earth become one in him and he rules over all. I stand on that and stake my life on it along with others in Jesus. With the goal of seeing others, really everyone come into that same faith.

And so come what may we hold on. Sometimes for dear life, hardly knowing what else to do and not knowing or wishing for any other place to turn. We do so in prayer and silence before God, along with carrying on as we have to in our daily responsibilities. As we await the good to come in the end, in and through our Lord Jesus.