Christians love

Christians love, no matter what, to the end. We love with truth and holiness. It is a specific kind of love finding its distinction in Jesus and the truth that is in him. Nevertheless it is love. And a love that is willing to die for those loved, a cross bearing kind of love. Out of love for God as well as for others. In and through our Lord. Out of God’s love as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Love is surely tested. There will be times when our love is thrown back in our face even, or simply taken for granted. We must press on and continue to love no matter what. We do so simply because we are loved by God; we experience that love for ourselves, a love which is bigger than all our sin, bigger than the sin of the entire world. That is why we can love our enemies, even the unlovable, because God loved us when we were enemies and when we’re unlovable ourselves.

Truth is so only in love. On the flip side, love is most genuine in truth. So again, it’s a distinctive kind of love for sure. But it is a love which keeps loving, nonetheless. In the never failing stream which is poured out by God even into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.


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