learning to rest in God’s love

There are like a million things which can keep us awake at night. Usually I’m a sound sleeper, but sometimes the troubles of life are too much. And some of those troubles are indeed deep and perplexing with no easy fix, or perhaps no fix at all apart from God’s intervention. And sometimes the fix comes over time, for example a healing which is ongoing for life, the scars from the wounds remaining.

For me that’s a time (really all the time) when I need to slow down, take one thing at a time, be in the word (scripture) and in prayer (some of that contemplative as in listening prayer, insofar as I understand that) and as much as possible, in community, sharing my struggles with others so that they can pray, even as they might share their own struggles with me.

When it’s all said and done, it becomes a matter of learning to rest in God’s love in and through Jesus by the Spirit. Knowing that God is love and that that love is for us and for the world. It is a love which both necessarily judges as well as saves. We do well to receive that love, a love which is already present, which is fact beyond words, but in reality. Not to downplay words, because it is in significant part through words in the written word, scripture, that God makes himself and his will known in and through Jesus.

And so that is where I’m at right now. Reading a good book by Henri Nouwen related to this, and trying to rest insofar as I possibly can while fulfilling responsibilities. Hopefully more and more at rest in the midst of that as well as areas which are beyond us. While everything is a gift, we are at times especially in felt need in situations in which we either have little or no clue, or are well out of our comfort zone.

In and through Jesus, we are to learn to rest more and more in God’s love. A rest in which we are taken into the active love of God at work to help others (as well as ourselves), oftentimes in ways that are beyond us.